Religious School Update – March 21, 2024


Shalom Everyone,

  We have some exciting events coming up!  Next week, on March 24, we will all be meeting for our regular Tefillah service at 9:30 a.m.  All teachers will be dressed in costume and we encourage all students and parents to dress up as well.  Rabbi Dean and Cantor Marney will be reading from the Megillah and lead us in singing Purim songs.  It will be so much fun!  We will then have regular class for about an hour and adjourn at 11:45 to get ready for the carnival, which will begin at noon.  Finally, please mark your calendars for April 14, which will be the date for our field trip to the Oakland Zoo.

    And now for the recap.  As always, Rabbi Dean and Cantor Marney led us in our Tefillah service before we headed to our classes.  The younger grades all learned the traditions and rituals of Purim.  In the B’nai Mitzvah, we did a deeper dive into the meanings of Purim.  Students learned about the extent of the Persian Empire of the time, what it means to draw lots (in their case choosing the date of Purim by rolling dice), and the unique features of the Book of Esther.  Specifically, the fact that one verse contains all the letters of the Hebrew alphabet (one of only a few in the Tanach), the longest verse in the entire Tanach (clocking in at 43 Hebrew words when most average around 20 or so) and the fact that G-d is never mentioned in the entire book.  We then read through the Book of Esther and discussed the sections that are not often told in the Purim tale.  The kids were quite engaged and enjoyed learning more about Purim.

    And that about covers it for now.  We look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday for the festivity of Purim!





P.S. Please take a moment to sign up for bringing snacks in March along with hosting an oneg in March, April, May, or June.  Thanks everyone!