Religious School Update – March 13, 2024


Hello Everyone,

Our next session will be held on March 17 and our lessons will focus on the traditions of Purim.  The following week will be our fun Purim carnival on March 24.  On that day all the teachers will be in costume and we encourage all our kids to be in costume as well.  We also wanted to thank all of our families who volunteered their time to make this event a success.  Jane told me we now have enough volunteers so well done everyone!  And I will be finalizing the details in the next week but it appears we will have our field trip to the Oakland Zoo on April 14 so please mark your calendars (and I will let you know if there are any changes).  Finally, our next Family Shabbat will take place this Friday, March 15, at 6:15 p.m.  We will be doing Purim activities and enjoying hamentashens so please come and enjoy the fun!

And now for the recap.  As always, Rabbi Dean and Cantor Marney led us in our Tefillah service before we headed to our classes.  Because it was Daylight Saving Time, we had the annual tradition of families coming in individually as we sprang forward!

In the Bnai Mitzvah class, we once again invited the middle grades in for a joint session.  All the kids are now able to chant the Ain Camocha, are learning the Ki Mitzion prayer, and will continue reviewing the Before and After Torah prayers.  For the second half of class, we continued our exploration into gematriyah by looking at family members.  One major theme we found was that the female counterpart of each pair (mother/father, brother/sister, grandpa/grandma, etc) always had the higher gematriyah value.  And in a huge surprise, the family member with the highest gematriayah value was the female cousin while the lowest was the father.  Discussing the meaning of these patterns will likely take years!  Students in the Bnai Mitzvah class also started putting together key facts from their family histories in preparation for the end of year project.

  And that about covers it for now.  We will see everyone next week!




P.S. Please take a moment to sign up for bringing snacks in March along with hosting an oneg in March, April, May, or June.  Thanks everyone!