Adult Education

What I like about being Jewish – I appreciate the openness of Judaism – the idea that it’s ok, even preferable, to question God. I also like the importance of Tikkun Olam – that it we are tasked with repairing the world.

— Neil Z

Study (Torah) is one of the three pillars on which Jewish life stands, along with worship (Avodah) and acts of loving kindness (Gemilut Hasadim).

A Kollel is an institute for advanced adult Jewish studies. The word comes from the Hebrew word “klal” and means a gathering of scholars.

At Temple Beth Hillel, we call our Sunday Morning adult education program, taught by our rabbi, Dean Kertesz, a Kollel because it explores Jewish topics of interest to adults at a level that participants will find both intellectually and spiritually challenging. No prior knowledge is required, only curiosity and the desire to learn.

We invite all invite all congregants to join us, and encourage religious school parents to stay with us after Tefillah to enrich their lives with Jewish study. We also welcome non-congregants to join us for an exciting year of study.

Adult Ed 2019/2020 — History of Zionism and the Arab/Israeli Conflict

Rabbi Dean’s adult ed course will begin on Sunday November 3 at 10:30 AM. We will be examining the state of the American Jewish community today. Our core text will be the new book by Jack Wertheimer, professor of Jewish History at the Jewish Theological Union, The New American Judaism. If you are interested in joining the course this year please RSVP to This should be an interesting and challenging topic. See you on November 3.

Please check the calendar for our next classes.

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