Notes from the Board–June 15, 2022

  • Religious School ended the year with a revived in-person mensch ceremony and a trip to the Contemporary Jewish Museum to enjoy the Jim Henson exhibit.
  • There was a break-in last week. When they went into the sanctuary, the alarm went off as designed. The alarm panel was torn off the wall and destroyed. Nothing was taken; the panel was replaced; and the damage was repaired. Anyone wanting to enter the building when no one is there will need a new alarm code from Michelle.
  • The HVAC ducts have been installed and the project is near completion. We need to decide whether to paint the ducts.
  • Finances are progressing. Our deposits and bills paid are mostly current. We have received the Sprint and some other rental payments and some significant dues payments (Thank you!), which have cut our deficit almost in half. Arrangements still need to be made for statements and regarding tenants.
  • TBH is now on Instagram. Please follow us. You can find us at @templebethhillel. Please let your contacts, especially young people, know.