Religious School Update–June 9, 2022

Hello Everyone!

  And so we have made it!  Our final Religious School session will take place this Sunday, June 12, at our regular time of 9:30 a.m.  We plan to have an abbreviated session with just a short Tefillah Service and our traditional end of the year Mensch Award ceremony (first time in person in 3 years).  When that is done, all families will head out to the Contemporary Jewish Museum for our grand tour.  The tour begins at 12:00 p.m. so we should have plenty of time to get there.  We will all meet at the entrance.  They do not have parking at the museum but the director said there are three parking garages nearby.  The tour will last a little over an hour and then Religious School will be officially done for the year.  If anyone requires a carpool for their kids, please let me know and we can accommodate (I have extra space in our van).

  And now for the recap.  Rabbi Dean led us in our Tefillah service and gave insights into the holiday of Shavuot.  Afterwards, all the kids went with me for a combined class learning about Shavuot.  We learned the origins and symoblism of Shavuot, especially its connection to the giving of the Torah and the harvest season.  The kids then made special flowers and a fruit basket, sketched images of tractors and orchards, and listened to a story about how the fictional community of Chelm received 3 extra commandments thanks to Shavuot.

     For the second half of class, all the kids got to taste traditional treats that we eat on Shavuot, especially dairy treats.  They all tried labhneh cheese with graham crackers, bagels with ricotta cheese and tomatoes and basil, and focaccia bread.  So delicious! 

     And that about covers it.  On behalf of the teachers and staff, I would like to thank all the parents for such a wonderful year and to an even better one to come.  We’ll see everyone at the Temple at 9:30 on Sunday and then off to our special tour at CJM.  Please let me know if you have any questions.