Religious School Update–May 22, 2022

Hello Everyone!

We had such an exciting time this past Sunday!  I wanted to thank Larry, Jenny, and all the parents who helped make our Lag B’Omer festivities a success!  Just as a reminder, we will be on break next week for Memorial Day but resume our Religious School for the final two sessions on June 5 and June 12.  Also, on June 12 we will have our trip to the Contemporary Jewish Museum.  Please fill in how many members of your family would like to come on the sign up sheet below (it was not working before but I adjusted it so it should work now) so we can arrange transportation and give the museum guide an idea of the size of our group.  For Temple members who are not in religious school right now, we have a limited number of extra spaces so please fill in your family as well if you would like to join us.

And now for the recap.  Larry led our Tefillah Service today with his usual skill as a substitute for Rabbi Dean.  For the first hour of class, each class learned about the history and symbolism of Lag B’Omer.  The kids helped decorate and put together a bow and arrow set, made a wooden bonfire picture frame, and learned about the traditions of Lag B’Omer.  For the second half of class, all the kids got to enjoy s’mores over a fire, roasted baked potatoes, and best of all, practice their archery skills with three different bow and arrow sets.  With plenty of practice, the kids got to be pretty good shots, hitting the target multiple times.  Lag B’Omer is such a wonderful spring holiday!

 And that about covers it for now.  Everyone enjoy the long weekend and we’ll see y’all back in June!