Notes from the General Membership Meeting – June 7, 2020

Minutes of 2019 General MeetingApproved

Budget for 2020-2021Despite the challenges currently facing us, the Temple’s finances are sound, and we will weather the current crisis.

For 2019-2020, we are projecting a small surplus, compared to a small budgeted deficit. Our income was significantly below budget estimates, but expenses were further below estimates, due primarily to Religious School hiring plans that did not happen. We received distribution from Tel Shalom, which was added to our assets.

For 2020-2021, we are faced with considerable uncertainty. The proposed budget assumes that we reopen on July 1 for the entire year, which is not likely. In addition, there are several contracts and leases that have yet to be negotiated. The proposed budget shows a total deficit of almost $14,000. Often we budget a deficit and end up with either a smaller deficit or a small surplus.

If we do not open July 1, our deficit will increase and could reach $60,000. Fortunately, we have enough assets to cover this.

Proposed budget approved.

Committee Reports reviewed, including Ritual Committee; Latke Party; Purim Carnival; Souper Center, Caring Community; GRIP: (Thanks to all who volunteered in these activities); Religious School; Membership; Advertising; Buildings and Grounds; Tel Shalom; Library

Proposed Bylaw changes approved

Recognitions: Jeff Romm and Sheri Tattenham for their service on the Board and to the Temple for many years

Volunteer of the Year: Jean Henderson for her volunteering at events; improving Board and office functioning; and joining the Board

Board Election Slate of proposed nominees approved

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