Notes from the Board, June 17, 2020

Reopening: Recent Contra Costa guidelines allow more people, but the rest of the guidelines are unchanged and are very restrictive for us. Clergy and Ritual Committee will start investigating, planning, and logistics for High Holy Day service options, including online and outdoors.

Office Manager: There is a tentative agreement with a candidate, pending contract negotiations. The candidate has started training with Arlene. Approved to offer a contract to this candidate.

Cleaning: Office Manager is requested to contact the janitor for ongoing maintenance and to pay for time not worked.  We will probably need to hire a professional for deep cleaning before we reopen.

Cantor:  Contract is up.  Agreement in principle to negotiations.

Food for Thought:  Will meet next Monday.  Arrangements have been made to purchase turkeys.

Religious School:  Last day and mensch celebration went well.  Will start planning for fall.  First day will be in September.

Membership: Events that we participate in are all cancelled.  Would like to do a postcard for the coming year.  Please send Larry Fox any photos you have from the past year.

Thanks to Neil Zarchin for doing a great job as President.