Notes from the Board – February 17, 2021

Events (on Zoom)

  • Sunday, February 21 at 4:00 – 5:00 PM – Purim Celebration.  Rabbi Dean will introduce. Purim spiel Beware the Ides of Adar. (about ½ hour). Purim story and Megillah excerpt with Cantor Shayndel.    
    Spiel is being coordinated with the Actors Ensemble of Berkeley; rehearsals have started. Information has been sent out. Reserve your spot.  If you have trouble making a reservation, contact Michelle Husby.
  • Sunday, March 7 at 5 PM – TBH at the Movies: A Night at the Opera. Copyright availability confirmed.       
  • Sunday, March 28 at 6 PM – TBH Community Seder. A haggadah will be sent to each member household.    


  • Action items from retreat were:
  • Social events (See Movie Night above).           
  • Technology infrastructure to facilitate a variety of ways of operating as well as security (See Buildings & Grounds below)            
  • Ideas for re-opening more flexibly, e.g. outdoors. Not yet. We will develop criteria that we want to meet to operate safely and plan to set up a task force with the Chinese Church to deal with reopening.
  • Succession.  Michael Cohen, Jane Durango, and Linda Rose will meet to discuss potential Board members and Officers for next year. Contact them if you are interested.


  • Generally publicity for events has been internal. Will pursue placing an ad in the J     for Passover.
  • The website calendar is not working well. Wendy Roth is working with URJ to fix it. Contact her if you see a problem.

Social Action

Food for Thought evaluated the 2020 food distribution, which went very well in a difficult situation. Able to use two locations successfully. Will start planning for 2021 at the meeting next week. If we can start fund-raising now, we may be able to expand the program significantly.

Building and Grounds

  • Comcast began to lay cable today for high-speed internet.  It will take a few more weeks to finish and activate it, but then we will have the bandwidth to do much more through the internet, as well as increasing security devices. Rabbi Dean will look into technology devices that may be useful for programming.    
  • There are a number of dead trees on the property, some or possibly all of which may need to be removed. We are looking to get an assessment from the Fire Department and an estimate for those which will need to be removed.
  • The clothing bin has been removed. Discussion of removal of trash on property     and person living on property who has been helping manage trash.