From the President – February 7, 2020

Wow, this has been a long week. I had/did (insert whatever made it a long week for you here), and now that it’s Friday night all I want to do is put my feet up and make it all go away. I know there are services tonight at TBH but … 

To be honest (which is also TBH), there are times I feel that way. But just like going to the gym always makes me feel better, so does going to services. Exercise refreshes the body by using it. Crossword puzzles refresh the brain by using it. Praying in community refreshes the soul by using it.  

It starts when Rabbi Dean leads us in breathing out the week – no matter how bad or how good it was, it is over. Then we start by praising God and being grateful for miracles like how night follows day follows night. The prayers are ancient. This rejuvenates me by reminding me that none of this is new. Jews have felt and expressed these feelings for hundreds of years. In other words – I am not alone. 

Rabbi’s drash always makes me think. Usually I agree with his underlying theme, but if I don’t I think even more. Then the final prayers of Alenu and Kaddish, the dreaded announcements and one more song. Then we are done. 

Except of course then we eat and schmooze. Which of course is a much better way to end a long hard week than beer and television.  

It’s your choice.

 We are what we do.

 Neil Zarchin