From the Presidents – January 25, 2024

From the Presidents

Shalom Everyone!

This week we celebrate the festive holiday of Tu B’shvat.  Originally a time for assessing tax revenues and tithes in ancient Israel, it has since morphed into a celebration of the first blooming of the trees for the season along with preserving the earth.  Several traditions have developed over the years to reflect this transformation.  This past Sunday, the Religious school families followed one of these traditions by sampling the 7 species (critical crops grown in Israel) and at least 15 different fruits.  Sampling all of these fruits made us appreciate the bounty that comes from the earth along with the variety of flavors available for our enjoyment.  The earth can provide so much for us as long we care for it.  In the spirit of Tu B’shvat, let us all take a moment this week to plant a new tree, plant a new vegetable in your backyard garden, volunteer to pick up trash in a neighborhood park, or some other activity that will demonstrate our community’s commitment to preserving our wonderful earth.  

And as we head toward the middle of winter, plenty of other major holidays are coming up, especially Purim and Passover.  We will also be hosting a special Shabbat Service for the new members of our community next month on Friday, February 16.  We encourage all of our new families to attend and be honored as the future of our congregation.  You can also help make a difference by volunteering to help with the upcoming Purim Carnival, which will take place on March 24.  We will send out sign-up sheets shortly.  Assisting with these events allows us to connect with the community, perform a mitzvah, and make the Temple Beth Hillel experience even better.  And for those who wish to make a difference in our community, we highly encourage you to consider joining the Temple Beth Hillel Board of Directors next year. Our Board is always on the lookout for members who have ideas for the future of the temple and the ability to carry out that vision. Serving on the Board makes us appreciate how much Temple Beth Hillel means to us and our children. 

We also have the exciting news that one of our B’nai Mitzvah students, Scarlet, will be having her Bat Mitzvah next month on February 24.  It will be a special afternoon service and we encourage our congregation to come show their support for our newest B’nai Mitzvah.  Further details will be sent out shortly.

Finally, our next regular Shabbat Service will take place on Friday, February 2, at 7:30 p.m.   Torah Study will take place Saturdays at 10:15 a.m. on Zoom, and the next Adult Education class will be hosted by Rabbi Dean on Sunday, February 3.  And of course, we encourage everyone to come to our wonderful Tefillah services at Religious School each Sunday at 9:30 a.m.  Thank you everyone!  

If I am not for myself, who will be for me?

If I am not for others, what am I?

And if not now, when? -Rabbi Hillel

~ Anna B Stein and David Zimring, Co-Presidents, Temple Beth Hillel