Religious School Update

Shalom Everyone!

And welcome back!  It was so wonderful to see all our families back together again after our long break.  As a reminder, we will not have Religious School on January 14 because of the MLK Jr. holiday weekend but we will return on January 21 and continue for four straight weeks afterward.  Also, please remember to sign up to bring snacks one week in January and February along with one Oneg for a Shabbat service between January and June.  My family will be hosting the upcoming Shabbat Oneg on January 19 so if you like you can attend this upcoming Shabbat service next week and see how it works.

And now for the recap.  Rabbi Dean and Cantor Marney led us in our first Tefillah service of the secular year before the kids went to their classes.  In the lower grades, they started the day by thinking about a quote from Midrash Tanchuma Nitzavim: “A bundle of reeds cannot be broken by a person; but, taken one by one, even a child can break them.”  The class then talked about what this quote can mean and how it applies to us.  Later on, students continued learning about Kehillah (community); Tzedek (justice); Arevut (mutual responsibility); and Tikkun Olam (repairing the world).  Finally, for the second hour they learned about how Martin Luther King Jr. tried to heal the world, partly by working with Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heshel.

For the B’nai Mitzvah class, we spent the first hour continuing to practice the Torah Service prayers and have now moved on to learning the Haftarah prayers.  The kids are catching on very quickly to the melodies and can already chant the Blessing Before Haftarah and the first paragraph of the Blessing After Haftarah.  For the second hour, we continued our research into the students’ family trees, adding more relatives and archiving more documents.  We are planning to gather as much information as we can for everyone’s heritage up to great-grandparents before starting on the next phase of the project.  The kids are excited!

And that about covers it for now.  Since our next Religious School on January 21 will be celebrating Tu B’shvat, I will be sending a sign-up sheet next week for families to bring one fruit to share for a Tu B’shvat feast.  Thanks everyone!