Religious School Update: Oct 26, 2023

Hello Everyone!

First of all, a huge thank you to Adam Bessie for his magnificent presentation last week about his new graphic novel on teaching during the Covid pandemic.  Everyone who attended had a lively conversation about the effects of the pandemic and what we can expect from our educators in the future.  We plan to have more events like this in the future.  Our next class session will be this Sunday, October 29, at our regular time of 9:30 a.m.  And please also mark your calendars for November 19, when we will have our first field trip of the year to the Contemporary Jewish Museum.  Lasty, please remember to bring nut butter jars for our Food for Thought drive along with donations for the class tzedakah projects.

And now for the recap.  Cantor Marney helped lead us in our Tefillah service before the classes began.  The younger kids are continuing their projects in Torah study, learning the Hebrew alphabet, and various art projects.  For the Bnai Mitzvah class, we continued to practice the Before and After Torah prayers and just started reviewing the Haftorah prayers.  The kids also got to practice holding a mock Torah.  We will practice with a real Torah at a later date.  For the second half of class, we continued our research into our family histories and found some exciting sources, including wedding photos, world war draft cards, applications for citizenship, arrival records, etc.  We will pursue this research for the rest of 2023 and then start putting together our family tree projects beginning in 2024. 

     And that about covers it for now.  We look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday!