Religious School Update – April 13, 2023

Hello Everyone!

And welcome to the first full month of spring!  I always love this time of year because the days are just getting longer and soon warmer weather will be upon us!  I wanted to remind everyone that next week, on April 9, we will have a break for the Passover holiday.  In two weeks, on April 16, we will have our special field trip to Urban Adamah in Berkeley.  On that day, there will be no Tefillah service or classes because we will all meet at Urban Adamah for the scheduled program.  I will send more details next week.  Also, if your family would like to attend the Temple Seder on April 8, please fill out a registration form in the lobby and return it to the main office.

And now for the recap.  Cantor Marney and Rabbi Dean led our Tefillah service to start the day.  Afterwards, the younger kids in Jenny’s class heard Passover stories, watched part of the Prince of Egypt, and, most importantly, made Afikomen covers.  They all turned out beautiful and will make great additions to all of our Seder tables this year.

         In the Bnai Mitzvah class, Heather’s class joined us for the first hour to learn about the Passover Seder.  Once again, I had all the students go over each of the 14 steps and the symbolic importance of each one.  Afterwards, I had the students write out each step, cut them out into separate parts, and rearrange them to make their own Seder ritual.  They each had clever ideas, including putting all the cups of wine together, having the meal earlier, waiting to find the afikomen until the very end, etc.  This year the Bnai Mitzvah kids may yet be running their family seders!  I will be sending out the handiwork of each student to their parents.

  And that about covers it for now.  Have a wonderful break and hopefully we will see y’all at the Temple on Saturday for Seder!