Religious School Update – February 10, 2023


Hello Everyone!

Could anything be better than an amazing Tu B’shvat celebration with all our students and parents?  Thank you to everyone who brought in fruit for the kids and helped to make our Seder a success.  Just as a reminder, we will have our next Religious School this week on Sunday, February 12.  When school ends at 12:30 p.m., we will be having a Hamentashan making class for all who are interested.  We will then have a week off on February 19 and resume Religious School the following week on February 26.

  And now for the recap.  Rabbi Dean and Cantor Marney led our Tefillah service and introduced us to more Tu B’shvat songs.  All the classes then worked together to plant a nectarine tree and kumquat tree.  The kids really enjoyed digging in the dirt and spreading the soil.  One day they will walk by those fully grown trees and think to themselves “I planted that!”

The second half of class was all based on preparing and celebrating our Tu B’shvat Seder.  Taking turns with washing and cutting up the fruit, all the kids helped put together the 7 species along with 27 different kinds of fruit.  When the parents arrived we were all set for our Seder.  Everyone started off with tasting the 7 species (wheat, barley, grapes, olives, dates, pomegranates, and figs) and saying the blessings for each one.  We then tried fruits with edible seeds, followed by fruits without edible seeds, followed by fruits that can be eaten entirely, and finally smelling the aromas of lemons and limes and oranges.  All the kids and adults then announced which fruit they had tried a lot and which one they had never tried before.  It was fun hearing which fruits were surprise hits (like dragonfruit) and which would never be tried again (like jackfruit).  All in all, a highly successful seder for our families!

   And that about covers it for now.  I will see everyone next Sunday for classes, Hamentashen lesson, and then Super Bowl!