Religious School Update – October 31, 2022

Hello Everyone!

We hope all the kids had a wonderful time on Halloween night this year.  It really felt like a return to pre-pandemic times, with so many kids in great costumes and not needing to wear masks outside.  As we enter November, I would like to remind you that we have our next Religious School class this Sunday, November 6, at 9:30 a.m.  That day is also Daylight Saving Time so remember to switch your clocks before arriving.  We will then have a week off on November 13 and return on November 20.  Please also remember to bring jars of peanut butter for the Food for Thought Drive.  Finally, mark your calendars for April 16, when our school will have a special time at Urban Adamah in Berkeley.

And now for the recap.  Larry once again helped us out by leading the Tefillah service while Rabbi Dean was out of town.  In the younger kids’ classes, Heather led a lesson on Anti-Bullying.  First they learned what bullying means and then found out that once you say something, the words are out and you can’t take them back.  Words have meaning and they can hurt.  The kids then came up with Anti-Bullying Slogans, including:


  “Be Nice”

  “Don’t be a BULLY”

   “Don’t Laugh at Me”

 and many more.  It was a great lesson and all the kids were so creative with it.

  In the B’nai Mitzvah class, we started our curriculum on the Jewish Life Cycle.  For the next few weeks we will learn about the major events in a Jewish Life Time, what they symbolize, and how they still have value in the modern world. 

   And that about covers it for now.  Everyone enjoy their extra hour on Saturday night before the early darkness reappears for us until the Spring.  See y’all on Sunday!