Religious School Update – April 8, 2022

Hello Everyone.

Our recap of our previous session. Rabbi Dean led our Tefillah service before heading out to Israel this week. We are currently in the Book of Leviticus and heading toward Passover.
The younger grades had an amazing time thanks to Jenny and Larry. All the kids got to make special Challahs with their own personal touch (often sprinkles or chocolate chips) and they taste delicious. Larry also provided story time at the end of the day, which the kids loved. They also got to finish and take home their Shabbat boxes, which everyone can now use at home.
For the Bnai Mitzvah class, we completed the Purim projects we did not get to finish earlier, including making groggers, listening to a reading of the Megillah, and highlighting key parts of the Book of Esther (including the longest verse in the Tanach and the verse that contains every Hebrew letter). For the second hour, we reviewed the Torah prayers and then played a trivia game related to Passover. Chase won both rounds of the game and everyone learned fascinating facts about Passover in preparation for Seder in April.

We’re back in session this week on April 10 and will be off next week April 17 for Pesach.

We look forward to seeing everyone! Take care!

David & Larry