Religious School Recap – Nov. 26, 2021

Incredibly the year is fast approaching its end and Hannukah is just around the corner!  We also have Thanksgiving coming up soon, so there is so much holiday spirit and family time in our futures.  We will resume Religious School, and our Hannukah theme curriculum, on November 28.  Also remember there will be a special Hannukah Shabbat service on December 3.

And now for the recap.  As always, Rabbi Dean led our Tefillah Service and introduced the families to several Hannukah songs. The lower grades had a great hands-on project this past week.  Jenny taught the kids how to bake Challah and each student got to pick their own toppings.  Sprinkles were the favorite!  The middle grades were also learning about the 10 commandments and what they mean.

For the Bnai Mitzvah class, we are now learning the melodies for the Torah prayers and will soon learn the Torah Service steps as well.  For our second hour we continued our exploration of the Japanese Jewish community by working on our Japanese/Jewish menu.  The class came up with some potentially tasty combinations, including Teriyaki Kugel, Falafel Rice Bowl, Soba Cholent, and Mochi flavored Hamentashens.  Once the menu is complete, we will get it printed up and distributed to the parents, who may be inspired to create some of these dishes.  We may even attempt to make one or two of them in a future class.

Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We’ll see everyone in two weeks!



P.S. Now that we are restarting in-person services, if you would like your children to attend one of the Shabbat services with you in the coming months, please forward a copy or picture of their vaccination cards, once they are fully vaccinated, to either me or Louise.  Thank you!