Notes from the Board: July 21,2021


  • Welcome and orientation for new Board members; Discussion of what Board members need to know.
  • Deficit for 2020-21 is approximately $29,000, mostly due to lack of rental income.We expect a deficit for 2021-2022 as well, even if we reopen by September.
  • Reopening plans. Please submit vaccination record to Louise Snitz. Attendees will be asked to wear masks.  Please give advance notice of children attending, so logistics can be arranged. Greeters are being organized.
  • Contract for Rabbi Dean Kertesz approved for 2021-2024.
  • Agreement with Michelle Husby approved to continue as Office Manager.
  • New Special Fund created for designated donations spanning more than one year.



  • Marketing Committee is working on publicity for High Holy Days and Religious School.
  • Publicity will refer to web site for more information on schedule and COVID -10 protocols for High Holy Days. Streaming will be availa


Social Action

  • Freedom School donation approved.
  • Social Action Committee will discuss changes in role with changes in organization of Food for Thought.

Building and Grounds

  • Chinese Church is working on plans for reopening.
  • High speed internet is installed in the office, but installation needs to be completed and cables run to the rest of the building.
  • Heating and ventilation system in the main building has been inspected. It is the original one installed in the building 60 years ago, and it is not likely to last much longer.  It is OK for COVID-19 safety ventilation with doors and windows open, but will need filtration when there is smoke from fires.  We are pursuing further consultations and estimates, and we are considering getting portable ventilators which can then be moved to the Religious School building when the main heating is replaced.