Notes from the Board – April 21, 2021


  • Linda Rose and Michael Cohen will chair the Reopening Committee, with Judy Windrix and Mel Feder. People involved in programs will be asked to make recommendations to the Committee.  The Committee will report at the next Executive Committee meeting on guidelines for reopening.
  • Talent search. Members are urged to contact Michael Cohen, Jane Durango, or Linda Rose to discuss how they can contribute to shaping the Temple as Board members and Officers for next year.
  • Discussed ways to improve Board functioning and making members, especially new members, feel welcome and included.


  • Draft budget for next year distributed for review and comments. There are many unknowns, including when we will reopen and what reopening will look like.  Several contracts and leases are up and need to be renegotiated.
  • The Chinese Church would like to resume services in June and would like to rent our space on a month to month basis.

Building and Grounds

Internet cable has been installed, and arrangements are being made for final internet installation.  This will enhance our security as well as enabling us to conduct virtual activities from the building.

Religious School

Two new students have started.