Notes from the Board October 21, 2020


  • High Holy Day services and boxes were very well received. Thanks to Rabbi Dean Kertesz for his leadership and to all the clergy, staff and volunteers for their hard work. Although getting technological help cost more than we usually spend, it was worth it. We could not have done it otherwise.    
  • Ritual Committee will discuss how we can celebrate Hanukkah.


  • Beginnings of discussion about how to re-envision the Temple if/when/how we can return in person. What have we learned, and what do we want to keep regarding our online activities?    
  • We are looking to expand our leadership on the Board and committees. Anyone interested in becoming part of the Board or a committee, please contact Jane Durango or Michael Cohen.


  • Jane Kemp continues to do a great job updating our Facebook page, as does Wendy Roth with our web site.    
  • Letters will be sent to those who joined us for the High Holy Days, inviting them to our other activities and events.

Social Action

  • Food for Thought will be packing some boxes at the Temple, and some at Nystrom school. Volunteers are needed, and the hours will be flexible. Instead of pallets of food, the Food Bank will be donating pre-packed boxes, which will be easier for us to handle.    
  • We will be sending a sympathy card and donation to GRIP in memory of their cook, Pesa Aulea.

Buildings and Grounds

  • All lights in the main room are working, and new lights have been installed in the lobby and the library.    
  • There is a new hall light switch under the alarm panel and a temporary switch at the entrance to the main room.    
  • We have new refrigerators in the kitchen and the oneg kitchen.    
  • Comcast is beginning the process of installing high speed internet.

Religious School

  • Has been meeting regularly online since the High Holy Days.