From the President- June 29, 2019

At the moment we have tentative agreements to have two applicants for the Cantor position lead services over the next few weeks. Jacob Erez will join us on July 19, and Amanda Brief on August 2. I am not on the Search Committee, I have not met either one. I intend to be at both services with an open mind and I ask the same of the congregation. I also caution that this may change between now and then.

The new chairs are in the Sanctuary and the Library and they are beautiful!! Thanks again to the Beautification Committee and a few strong volunteers from TBH and the Chinese Church who helped unload them last Sunday.

From now until July 20, there is a powerful art exhibit at Transmission Gallery, 770 W. Grand Ave. in Oakland. East Bay artist Robin Bernstein’s Beauty and Terror shows gorgeous intricate pieces of art resembling classic baroque and renaissance themes. However, when one reads the accompanying brochure, each piece also tells the story of a lesser-known horror of the Shoah. The terror is hidden – I think that is part of the intention. Full disclosure – Robin is a close family friend.

Also on July 20, I hope many Temple members can take part in an important social action – the 5TH ANNUAL INDIGENOUS PEOPLE’S WALK FOR SOBRIETY. Twin marches will begin at 11:00 AM; on at San Pablo and MacDonald, the other at 23rd St. and Lincoln. The marches will converge at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church at 32nd and Barrett for a community luncheon and a conference on mental, health, sobriety & recovery.

We are what we do.

—Neil Zarchin