From the President May 31 2019

Anti-semitism is on the rise. If it doesn’t terrify you you’re not paying attention. We all know about the massacres in Pittsburg and Poway, but there is an insidious acceptance of anti-semitism at the highest levels of our government. William Happer is an advisor to Donald Trump’s National Security Council on the environment. William Happer said in 2014 “The demonization of carbon monoxide is just like the demonization of the poor Jews under Hitler.” (Ha’aretz, May 28,2029).This. Is. Not. Acceptable.

In the face danger, wielded by the powerful, our greatest strength is Community. If you are not involved in Temple Beth Hillel, please join us for worship, for learning, for social justice, for community.

Community requires engagement. This weekend is the General Membership meeting on Sunday, June 2. Please join us for T’fillah at 9:30, then stick around for the meeting beginning at 11:00. We will hear reports from the various committees that accomplish so much here. We will vote on a new slate of Board members – saying Shalom to Andre Moskowitz and Michelle Waxman, and Shalom to Mel Feder, Linda Rose, and Judy Windrix.  We will also vote on a budget for Fiscal Year 2019-2020.

We are what we do.

—Neil Zarchin