From the President March 12 2020

First things first – huge Thank you’s to Jane Durango and the many others who helped make the Purim Carnival SO MUCH FUN!  


As bad as the coronavirus epidemic is likely to be, it will be worse for vulnerable populations. It’s not much of an assumption that we all have access to basic sanititation supplies and our immune systems aren’t compromised by the stress of living on the streets. 

But thousands of our fellow humans don’t have this luxury. I know I am worried if not outright scared of this disease. I can’t imagine adding it to the overwhelming struggle to merely survive another day. 

But the greater Temple Beth Hillel community never ceases to amaze me with our compassion and activism. I have been in conversation with Ellen Seskin, who first raised this issue to my awareness. And she isn’t just talking about it – she got started doing something. 

In partnership with the Greater Richmond Interfaith Program, Ellen is collecting personal hygiene items and warm clothing (to keep immune systems strong). GRIP will then utilize their already existing outreach program into homeless encampments to distribute these. 

According to GRIP, the most needed supplies are bottles water, disinfectant wipes, and hand sanitizer. Items can be dropped at GRIP – 165 22nd St., or at Ellen’s home  (check the roster) or at the Temple.  

GRIP is or 510 233-2141.  

This community never ceases to amaze me. We are small and mighty because of what we do. Please do help our brothers and sisters. Please do wash your hands.

We are what we do.