From the President–Jan. 9 2020

Well, this is a particularly upsetting time. I’m sure it will change dramatically between now (Tuesday evening) and when you read this.

No need to rehash the story, or to debate the “wisdom” of assassinating General Suleimani. At this point it is what it is. Iran has retaliated by firing missiles at US bases in Iraq, and they say that they will stop if the US doesn’t respond. If the US does react Iran says it will attack Dubai, or Haifa.

What will happen is anyone’s guess. We are dealing with seriously unpredictable leaders. And I pray that brains will triumph over egos. I pray we sit down and talk with our ‘enemies’ rather than fight. Diplomacy, as opposed to war, is that is the right thing to do, and sometimes …

We are what we don’t do.

Neil Zarchin