From the President August 8, 2019

There’s an old Todd Rundgren song that explains how “we need just one victory and we’re on our way.” We have a victory, and important one. Today I drove past the house with the swastika in the front yard. The rumors I had heard are true – gravel has been spread throughout the yard, obscuring the symbol of hatred.  Thank you to everyone who got involved, who protested, who wrote letters, who prayed for it’s removal. We are on our way.

In more good news, Temple Beth Hillel is lucky enough to have another candidate for our Cantorial position joining us for a tryout next week. Please join us on August 16 at 7:30 PM when Shayndel Adler will meet us and sing with us and worship with us. There has been no decision as yet regarding whom we will offer the job too; the door is still open. The best decisions have the most input, so please come and let the Search Committee know what you think and feel.

We are what we do.

—Neil Zarchin