From the President-July 11, 2019

No matter how you feel about immigrants and immigration, there is no valid rationale in Jewish belief to justify separating children from their parents for months at a time, not feeding them, not allowing clean clothes, basic health care or simple hygiene.

Beyond that, these refugees are seeking asylum in the U.S. because there is a realistic chance they will be murdered if they stay in their homeland. From our own history, in 1939 Jewish refugees from Germany on the S.S. St. Louis were denied asylum first in Cuba, then in the U.S. The ship returned to Europe and 250 of them perished in the Shoah. Learn more

In recent weeks there have been calls for action, and action in the streets, by Jewish organizations. Never Again Action marched in San Francisco on July 5  Ha’aretz published an editorial on July 9 titled “Every Jew in America Should Actively Protest Trump’s Concentration Camps.”  Bend the Arc hosts frequent demonstrations.

Please keep an eye out for local actions. There are the beginnings of an effort among TBH leaders to set up a meeting with local elected officials to offer our support for their efforts at righting this injustice. When it occurs, I will report on it.

This must stop. What part of NEVER AGAIN do you not understand?

We are what we do.

—Neil Zarchin