Religious School Update – May 21, 2023

Hello Everyone,

I can’t believe I am saying this but Religious School is nearing its completion for the year.  We will have the week off this coming Sunday, May 28, in celebration of Memorial Day.  We will then have two more sessions, one on June 4 and the final one on June 11.  For the last class, we will have our traditional Mensch awards along with special treats.  More details to come.

  And now for the recap.  Rabbi Dean led us in our Tefillah Service before all the kids adjourned to the kitchen for a special baking activity.  Teacher Jenny graciously provided her superb cooking skills to teach the kids how to make blintzes for Shavuot.  They were absolutely delicious!  And while they were baking, in celebration of Lag B’Omer, all the kids got to practice their archery skills with a toy bow and arrow set.  By the end of the hour, some of the kids were scoring bulls eyes with remarkable accuracy.  Afterwards, we all enjoyed blintzes along with a special cheesecake.

    For the last part of class, the younger kids finished their Lag B’Omer art projects while the older kids met in my classroom to learn about the Ten Commandments.  I had them read the text from Exodus and compared it to the text from Deuteronomy.  They found out there are subtle differences in the two different versions in the Fourth Fifth and Tenth Commandments, reflecting how the commandments changed between the wandering in the wilderness and the creation of the Jewish kingdom.  The Torah rarely fails to provide great insights when we look for them!

    And that about covers it for now.  Everyone have a wonderful long weekend and we will see y’all on June 4.