Religious School Update – September 2, 2022

Shalom Everyone!
And our school year is off and running! It was so wonderful to see all of you again after the summer break. I and the teachers are looking forward to an exciting year full of knowledge, projects, and trips we are planning for the kids. As I had mentioned last Sunday, we will not have Religious School on September 4 (because of Labor Day) or September 11 (because of the Solano Stroll). We will meet again on September 18 and have a more consistent schedule from that point onwards. Thank you to all the families who have already signed up to help the Temple at the Solano Stroll and I highly encourage all the families to participate if you can.
And now for the recap. Rabbi Dean led us in our first Tefillah service for the year, getting us back in the rhythm of the service. Jenny’s and Heather’s classes went over what they will cover for the year and enjoyed a fun cupcake decorating session to start off the year. The Bnai Mitzvah class will be concentrating on the Jewish Life Cycle for this year along with preparing Chase for his upcoming Bar Mitzvah. It will be an exciting time at the end of October when we have our first in person Bnai Mitzvah in nearly three years.
And that about covers it for now. Everyone have a nice Labor Day Weekend and we’ll see you hopefully on the 11th at the Solano Stroll or at Religious School on the 18th.