Religious School Update – March 17, 2022

Chag Purim!

First of all, I wanted to congratulate and thank everyone for helping to put together a wonderful Purim carnival on Sunday.  The kids had a lot of fun with the games and our volunteers were so generous with items for sale, especially the Hamentashens. And of course, the Megillah Reading by the Theater Troupe was phenomenal!  It was so nice to have the carnival again and here’s to more exciting carnivals in the future.  Pushing ahead with our school year, the next Religious School session will be this Sunday, March 20, at 9:30 a.m.

And now for the recap.  Rabbi Dean led us in our Tefillah Service, including singing Purim songs.  Several of the kids and teachers came in costume.  We had unicorns, Paw Patrol, Super Heroes, and even George Washington (by yours truly).  Everything is topsy turvy for Purim!

The younger grades had a fun time learning about Purim and making Hamentashens with Jenny and Heather.  I for one can confirm that they tasted delicious, with flavors like Blueberry, Nutella, Apricot, and others.  They also made groggers and listened to stories.

The B’nai Mitzvah class performed a mitzvah by helping to set up, staff, and clean up after the Purim Carnival.  We will continue with our Purim projects next week.

 And that about covers it for now.  We can now look forward next month to our next major holiday of Passover.  In the meantime, see y’all on Sunday!