If you have ever shopped at Macy’s or Safeway’s, then you can help your synagogue raise money. If you have ever shopped on line at anything from to, and so many other well known vendors, then you can help your synagogue raise money. All these avenues plus more are easy ways to help Temple Beth Hillel fundraise without costing you more money out of pocket. How you ask?

1. Sign up for This site asks you to register your Safeway club card (the card Safeways gives you to receive discounts off their items) and/or your Macy’s credit card. Every time you shop at Safeways using your club card or Macy’s, a percentage of your bill will be donated to TBH. When you sign up at escript put TBH’s group ID number ins (157978934)
2. Join There is no charge to join this site. Whenever you want to shop on line, rather than go to the website of your choice directly, sign into and then click the site you want to shop on. A percentage of your bill will be donated to TBH (Make sure when you join, you indicate TBH Richmond) as your organization of choice. You will also get coupons for discount shopping.
3. Need a Bnai Mitzvah gift? Wedding, birthday, graduation gift? Or just something special for yourself? Check out our new gift shop at TBH. We will periodically update the items with new and beautiful items. If you don’t see what you want, you can go directly to our vendor to shop. Make sure you state that your organization of choice is TBH and a percentage of your sales will be donated to the Temple.

Help support Temple Beth Hillel! If you have any questions, please contact Betty at (510) 528-2263